Foto: Sonja Schäfer
Foto: Sonja Schäfer

Just you and me

feeling connected

feeling free

feeling surrounded by trust and tolerance

feeling freed from disgrace and distance


 I send you some pleasant greets

I send you some peaceful thoughts

I send you some smart smiles

because you deserve them 

because you cause them 


You are the one who makes everything alright

now my aura shines brighter than bright

because of you and your kindness

because of you and your tenderness

because of you and your honesty

because of you and your sympathy


I pray for you and me

I believe in you and me

because you love me

and I love thee


It's a true love

it's an authentic love

it's a soft love

it's a heeling love

it's a holy love


Because of you

I am able to accept everyone

because of you 

I am able to love the only one


That's the most beautiful gift

I ever have received


It's so bountiful

it's so pure

it's so innocent

it's so magnificent


No matter where I am

I feel your love

I feel your light

I don't care about what they think about me

because of your lovely treatment I know I am alright

and meant to be this being

I can feel it and I appreciate it


I never felt like this before 

and I didn't expect it to come true 

but it is

and everything fits


You are the mirror I was searching for

you are the one I was looking for

you are the light I was searching for


I'd like to tell you everything

although it's not necessary

because I find everything here in my heart

which relates me to you in a familiar way

and I know you will never tear it apart


With you I'd like to share everything 

but I won't do

because it would destroy our real connection

which is a sort of holy reflection


You are here to remember me that I am beautiful

even though I couldn't see it anymore

behind all these negative thoughts and feelings

but you and me we are beautiful

like everyone else

even though they cannot see it anymore

behind all these negative thoughts and feelings


We are ready to quit with all that stuff

which steels our energy

because you love me

and I love thee


It's a special relation 

without disguise and frustration

without lies and irritation

without suffering and loneliness

just understanding

just awareness


I am the way I am

and you are the way you are

und alles ist da 

einfach so

einfach so


What we are able to give each other

ist nicht von dieser Welt


Findet man überhaupt Worte dafür?


It's like a drug

mit dem Unterschied

dass nichts auseinandergerissen wird

sondern zusammengefügt

weil man sich liebt

einfach so 

einfach so


Demnach ist es keine Droge

sondern ein Genussmittel

welches man bewusst in Maßen genießt

damit man nicht abhängig wird

und der Genuss nicht selbstverständlich